Dutch Artist

Disciple of neon, Protector of chrome


By using various media including traditional, digital and modern techniques,
Bono expresses his mind and soul. These personal expressions are collectable in
forms as original artwork - limited print editions and postcards in the webstore.
To view the artworks and their context, see their respective categories in the gallery.

Bono Mourits provides services to companies in a wide variety of forms.
Bringing forth Logo & Brand Identity design to support brands & create new
visual identies for companies from scratch. Leading forward vibrant illustrations
to enhance brands visually in shapes as advertisement, packaging, promotion, apparel.
Examples of these productions and their context can be viewed in the pructions tab in the gallery.
Feel free to send an inquiry for your project to info@bonomourits.com

Bono Mourits

Surfing the waves of the synth through time

chrome logos that take you back to the times of legends,
crazy characters & surreal illustrations with a touch of neon
and an overall retro aesthetic that feels like jukebox


Artifacts, as he calls his art, are fragments of his experiences and feelings throughout life.

Inspired by life and imagination, a bird that flies by and random strangers,
perseverance, and the rewards through struggle and tribulations,
he believes that everyone has their unique story to tell.



About_BonoMourits with Blue Dragon

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