Fresh from the void

Bringing you badass artwork for your HQ and spaceships

Epic chrome logos that take you back to the times of legends,
crazy characters & surreal illustrations with a touch of neon
and an overall retro aesthetic that feels like jukebox.

2020 avatar.jpg
I am inspired by life and imagination,
struggle and the rewards of tribulation.
A bird that flies by and random strangers.

I am fascinated by the power of words
and the amount of unique expressions
that can be found throughout existence.

Bono Mourits

b.25 Oktober 1988, Amsterdam - Holland.

Bono Mourits


Highly influenced by my early childhood, I grew up with three awesome brothers
playing videogames, listening to music and getting into trouble in crazy adventures.

There's also this quote my mother used to say "in drawing, everything is possible"
that had sparked both my imagination and passion for drawing

About_BonoMourits with Blue Dragon

Bones a.k.a. Mangon

Disciple of Neon, Protector of Chrome
Surfing the waves of the synth through time

Bono Mourits 2018 at Home

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