Client Portfolio of Bono Mourits displaying the various logos made over time.

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  • I stand guard at the gate of my mind. The walls fortified, I'm ready, come get some.

  • Start from Scratch is what the page read...

  • Elisa is a feminine given name of spanish origin, meaning consecrated to God.

  • The Amazing Wow is a tumblr account where I collect art that speaks to me. Scans from various published materials and a couple of reblogs here and there... Check the page out here.

  • Logo for Sunni Sparkles Dutch HipHop artist & Co-founder of SCavengaz.Check out Sunni Sparkles here.

  • Logo for 11:11 Gowlabs and 11:11 Extractlabs, connoisseurs in growing and extracting. Check them out here and here.

  • Logo for Gracious Exclusive Detailing (GXD). GXD is a car detailer in the Netherlands that will take ultimate care of your car. Check out their website here.See the folder design here.

  • Logo for Que Baby. Raising awareness on plagiocephaly and the prevention of it.Visit their website here.

  • Logo for Stheyn Zeit. Stheyn Zeit Nightlife, a late-night themed liveshow from Germany.Check out their channel here.

  • Logo for BLITZ Offshore. BLITZ is a Miami based company that does Deluxe Boat Tours in Miami, South Florida and surrounding islands.Check them out here.

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