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Size470 x 1068 mm

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Context: Laughing away their ignorance in pride, the fools become
a target for Shinobi. On the Clowns malicious rampage throughout
the city he encounters Shinobi. Shinobi manages to lure him out of
the city where an eerie silence fills the area while they stare in each
others fiery eyes. Who will make the first move? The clown thirsty for
violence or Shinobi striving for justice...


Nature. From the latin nasci meaning grow.
from Latin nat- ‘born’, to natura ‘birth, nature, quality’.

-The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants,
animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth,
including human behaviour, human culture and human creations.
-The basic or inherent features, character, or qualities of something.