Chasing Demons

Chasing Demons
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Chasing away demons, through the practice of meditation, overcoming them and standing guard at the gates of the mind. Rooting the weeds and reinforcing the gate, for they will return
in flocks and wear tempting disguises, be wary, be ready, be solid and steady, unmovable.

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ToolsPaint Markers, Ink
Original size180 x 240 mm

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Context: As I overcome troubled thoughts and beliefs, I have a sensation
of relief, pleasure and enlightment. So there is no need for keeping those,
troubled, heavy thoughts in my system. Daily life can easily distract from
goals and priorities, as a reminder to be wary I created this artwork.


Meditation. Focusing one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting.
The action or practice of contemplation, study, thought, consideration, reflection, prayer,
deliberation, concentration “cultivating the presence of God in meditation and prayer”.

-From Latin meditat- ‘contemplated’, from the verb meditari, meaning ‘measure’;
related to mete; from Latin meta ‘boundary, goal'.
-Old English metan ‘measure’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch meten
and German messen ‘to measure’, from an Indo-European root.