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Logo for Groeikracht Hoorn. Coaching and supporting the growth & strength within children.

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Context: The logo was designed by Dutch artist Lynda Smids in traditional media
using watercolor. I was aked to render this logo digitally to be used in corporate
identity, print and digital applications. I built the logo digitally staying true to the
original form, respecting the artist and the traditional feel of watercolor paint.


Logo. From the Greek word logos, meaning ‘word, reason’. 1930s: abbreviation of logogram or logotype.
From Logos + type or Greek gramma ‘thing written, letter of the alphabet’, and from graphein ‘write’.

-A symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its brand, products, uniform, vehicles etc.
-A sign or character representing a word or phrase, such as those used in shorthand and ancient writing systems.