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Folder for GXD Ultimate Car Care. Check out their website here if you want to know more.

See the logo design here.

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Context: This threefold folder is an informational promotion
giving information on the extensive services provided by GXD.
The folder was built up using elements of the corporate identity.


Promo. Abbreviation of promotion. A piece of publicity or advertising.
Promotion- the publicizing of a product, organization, or venture so as
to increase sales or public awareness, support in or actively encourage
further progress of a cause, venture, someone etc. to a higher position
or rank, level. Give publicity to, beat the drum for, popularize, market,
hype up, boost, advance, elevate, improve

-From Latin promotio, from promovere ‘move forward’.
-From the Latin promot- ‘moved forward’, from the verb promovere,
from pro- ‘forward, onward’ + movere ‘to move’.