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Advertisement for The Ambivalence Chronicles. Promoting the first three bits of the series. The advertisement was seen in the comeback annual of UK's famous Crash Magazine.
The Ambivalence Chronicles: a series of eight Gamelit Comedy books writtenby Steve Trower.
Check out Steve Trowers website here, or purchase the books through here.

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Bit#1: The Chip Whisperer
Bit#2: The Kempston Interface
Bit#3: The Road Worrier

The Ambivalence Chronicles : Bits 1-3

The Ambivalence Chronicles : Bits 1-3 Advertisement

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Context: The Ambivalence Chronicles, based around a Sinclair ZX81
that runs a strange HEX code, opening portals in the fabric of space &
allowing to travel through time. I took the concept for the lay-out from
classic ZX games, making the cover to appear as one of those classic
games itself. The Mini and Ambivalence Van are key to the series and
appear on the books cover illustrations. Get a glimpse of what the bit
might be about and get yourself a copy to find out. in Book & ebook.


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