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Logo for 11:11 Gowlabs and 11:11 Extractlabs, connoisseurs in growing and extracting.

Check them out here and here.

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Context: The meeting hits off with conversations about synchronicity
and spirituality, good start! The logo was going to need lots of detail,
craftmanship and patience. As it turns out I am the perfect man for
the job. Combining elements like the leaf, zodiac, sacred geometry,
aligning the chakras and traveling through space and time are just
my thing. Hundreds of layers were used to turn sketch into reality.


Logo. From the Greek word logos, meaning ‘word, reason’. 1930s: abbreviation of logogram or logotype.
From Logos + type or Greek gramma ‘thing written, letter of the alphabet’, and from graphein ‘write’.

-A symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its brand, products, uniform, vehicles etc.
-A sign or character representing a word or phrase, such as those used in shorthand and ancient writing systems.