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  • Advertisement for The Ambivalence Chronicles. Promoting the first three bits of the series. The advertisement was seen in the comeback annual of UK's famous Crash Magazine.The Ambivalence Chronicles: a series of eight Gamelit Comedy books writtenby Steve Trower.Check out Steve Trowers website here, or purchase the books through here.See other designs for...

  • Banner for Het Amsterdamsch Carnaval. A carnaval themed event located in Amsterdam organized by Villa Kakelbont and Tram 10.

  • Flyer for Blends Café. Flyer to promote the Blends event.Blends, Grand Café / Restaurant that turns to a Disco at night.

  • Flyer for Bouncing Palace. Flyer to promote the Bouncing Palace event with Dj Steve Lopez & DJ Mickso.Check out Steve Lopez here.

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