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Size130 × 70 mm

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Context: The oriental girls from outer space welcome you to the future.

Let out your new hopes, for the past has expired. The future brings faces unseen
to humanity, uncovered ground and dreams to be found. Go for what’s yours, don’t
envy others, there’s enough for all of us. Be love, be understanding, be weird and
different, be yourself.

Love from the void

Returning Home artefact.


Collage. From the french papier collés, glued paper.
from French Coller- ‘to stick, glued together‘ Glue,
Middle English: from Old French glu, from late Latin
glus, glut-, from Latin gluten.

-A piece of art made by placing various different materials such as,
photographs, pieces of paper, fabric, objects, scraps, junk and odds
on a carrier creating a unified composition.
-A collection or combination of various things.