Up in Cloud

Up in Cloud
  • Original

Drifting away in thought, emerged in the moment, in the here and now, though away from the physical attention, into the second attention.

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ToolsColour Pencil, Ink
Original size55 x 70 mm

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Context: Inspired by the thought of drifting away in thought, and
drifting away in thought while making this artwork, I was moved to
turn this thought into a visual. What would it look like if someone is
physically going through these states, what is it we would we see?


Transformation. From the Latin transformatio, the verb transformare, or
the old French transformer. A marked change in form, nature, or appearance.
A metamorphosis, evolution, mutation, revolution during the life cycle of a being

-Trans from Latin trans ‘across‘ beyond. Through another state or place.
-Form from the Latin formare ‘to form’ and Latin forma ‘a mould or form’
A particular way in which a thing exists or appears. the visible shape, configuration.