Warpspeed Warrior

Warpspeed Warrior
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So fast, so swift his head turns into a blurry mist, it's a gift.

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ToolsCopic Markers, Ink
Original size180 x 250 mm

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Context: It probably wasn't a gift, and he worked real hard to
achieve described results. Who's born that fast, think about it.


Transformation. From the Latin transformatio, the verb transformare, or
the old French transformer. A marked change in form, nature, or appearance.
A metamorphosis, evolution, mutation, revolution during the life cycle of a being

-Trans from Latin trans ‘across‘ beyond. Through another state or place.
-Form from the Latin formare ‘to form’ and Latin forma ‘a mould or form’
A particular way in which a thing exists or appears. the visible shape, configuration.