Twilight Zone

Consumed by curating The Beginning and finding my way in providing creative services,
building on my existing concepts with new work through both traditional and digital media,
sharpening and expanding not only my creative skillset, but my mind and life along with it.

75 artefacts total Twilight Zone : 2015 - 2020

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Trials and Tribulations

I've had a trying youth and my brother passing away on top of that broke my world completely.
Shattered, trying to go on, I became very unhappy in life, burned out and was deeply depressed.
Shattered, ink drawing made in 2017.

This resulted in my newly adopted lifestyle of escapism, playing 16 hours of Bungie's Destiny each
day to shoot away the pain, drowning myself in alcohol and lifting myself up with Mary Jane.

Unreachable to planet earth, voidwalking my way through existence, life had started deteriorating around me.
It became clear to me that it was necessary to deal with my shit or drown in the pits of misery and sorrow.

Prayer, 2018, Drawing from Twilight Zone by Bono Mourits

Since my childhood I've always had sketchbooks handy and've regularly put the pencil to the paper to explore and express.
This became a light that grew into a beacon, gradually leading me out of the deep dark cave I had found myself living in.Answer, Haiku by Bono Mourits, 2020.Through trying times, starting from scratch and touching in the dark, this period is carved as Twilight Zone.Katalog Mini - Returning Home - Twilight Zone: Extended Edition

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