• Cloudhatched
  • Original

Toolsink, pencil
Size135 × 135 mm

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Context: Accumulated energy, ready to burst, to set off.
Bringing forth a unique voice and vision.

This artwork was initially made as the first sketch for the
"Set it Off" Mixtape supprting the ideas of Sunni Sparkles.
Bringing my sketchbook, I met Sunni at a bridge in Zaandam.
He described the elements he needed for the project and I took
notes in the form of this artwork.

Artefact from The Beginning.

Cloudhatch manifestations from 2020.


Meditation. Focusing one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting.
The action or practice of contemplation, study, thought, consideration, reflection, prayer,
deliberation, concentration “cultivating the presence of God in meditation and prayer”.

-From Latin meditat- ‘contemplated’, from the verb meditari, meaning ‘measure’;
related to mete; from Latin meta ‘boundary, goal'.
-Old English metan ‘measure’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch meten
and German messen ‘to measure’, from an Indo-European root.