The Beginning

150 artefacts selected as the last remnants of a period I have dubbed The Beginning.
Derived from over 1250 drawings and sketches that were destroyed in the process.

These selected artefacts define the beginning of my visual language, interest and style.
The Beginning 2000 - 2015

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*2020 update - These artefacts are no longer in their raw state as captured in The Beginning
and have been fully infiltrated by cloudhatch manifestations. These artefacts have now reached
their final form through the cloudhatch and are documented as The Cloudhatched Beginning.

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Humble beginnings The Beginning Pinterest overview

The Beginning is not meant to showcase “masterpieces” but rather conclude a time period of my life.

Having made drawings regularly throughout my life, I had amassed quite an amount of them.
In 2015 I noticed I had a hard time making any new art before having this pile sorted out, so
I started looking at what I have, chip away what didn't work for me and build from there.

With the aim of ending up with a definitive selection, I started going through my old sketchbooks,
tearing out, disposing and letting go of old expressions. This was an important process for me.

As the selection started to take shape it became the foundation to my style and the ongoing
series that are visible within my work, like: meditation, meanings, nature and transformation.

Crop from "Expansion" artefact from The Beginning

The original state of these artefacts have been captured and published in the form of a pocket-sized
catalogue and includes a legend of titles, production dates and materials used for each artefact.Katalog Mini - The Beginning

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